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784 Cover Assy w/ Vent Cap 804/904 Cover Assy w/Vent Cap Faucet Assembly, Complete
784 Cover Assy w/ Vent Cap
Our Price: $161.28
Faucet Assembly, Complete
Our Price: $141.31
784 Cover Assembly w/ Air Vent Cap 804 Cover assembly w/ Air Vent Cap Complete faucet assembly for all beverage dispensers. Stainless steel construction.
Faucet Body for S-2 Faucet Faucet Replacement Kit - Upper Assembly Replacement Cam Handle - 784
Faucet body only. Stainless steel construction. Repair kit for faucet. Replaces top of faucet and internal seal.
Replacement Cam Handle  - 804 & 904 Replacement Gasket -784 Replacement Gasket - 804/904
Replacement Gasket -784
Our Price: $27.35
Replacement  gasket  - 784. Fits 6" Neck Opening. Replacement Gasket for 804/904 Dispenser. Fits 5" Neck Opening.
Faucet Tube Adapter Airvent Cap Cam Handle Link
Faucet Tube Adapter
Our Price: $26.80
Airvent Cap
Our Price: $12.49
Cam Handle Link
Our Price: $6.15
This is the threaded ring that the faucet attaches to. THIS REPAIR MUST BE DONE BY A COMPETENT WELDING SHOP. The old ring must be removed and the new adapter ring must be TIG welded in place to assure a proper repair. Air Vent cap for all dispensers Link for Cam Handles. Fit all Dispenser and Carrier Cover Cam Handles