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Help / Product FAQ

Product FAQ
My faucet is leaking. How can I fix it?
First try to determine where the leak is coming from. If the leak was coming from the connection of the faucet to the dispenser, try tightening he wing nut first.

If the connection still leaking, empty the dispenser, remove the faucet and inspect the washer. Replace if worn or damaged.
If the faucet is dripping from the end of the spout, empty the dispenser and remove the faucet assembly by loosening the wingnut. Unscrew the upper bonnet from the body of the faucet. Inspect for debris or damage to the Seal Cup. If the seal cup is torn or damaged it must be replaced. If any other part on the upper bonnet are damaged, the entire upper section (FRK) must be replaced.

Can I put my dispenser / food carrier over heat?
No. Placing the dispensers or food carrier over a heat source will damage the unit and could possibly cause personal injury.

I bought an old Aervoid at an auction. Can I still get parts for it?
Possibly. New style faucets will fit older dispensers but we may not carry cover gaskets for certain older models. Call or email us for assistance.

You don't carry the cover gasket size I need for an older model. How can I get a replacement?
If a cover gasket in the size you need is not available, you can modify a larger diameter gasket to fit. Click Here to see the guide for modifying a gasket.

Why is a Vacuum the Best Insulator?

A vacuum is a superior insulator to foam or other medium. For a detailed explanation of the different modes of heat (energy) transfer, and why a vacuum is superior, Click Here.